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NASA is working on a concept called a Deep Space Gateway, a mini-space station that could be positioned orbit around the moon, to serve as a staging point for future government and commercial landing sorties to the lunar surface.

If approved and funded, the first piece of the deep space station could be launched with EM-2 in 2023.

Bindi Irwin and her mom, Terri Irwin, are setting the record straight about Terri's rumored relationship with family friend and Oscar winner Russell Crowe.

ET caught up with Bindi, her brother, Robert, and her mother at the Steve Irwin Gala dinner in Beverly Hills on Saturday, where they dismissed recent tabloid speculation that Terri had struck up a romance with the Nice Guys star."We were very lucky to have known Russell for a number of years.

Technicians finished welding of EM-1’s liquid hydrogen tank in September, marking the completion of all five pieces of the first core stage.

The next step will be outfitting the pieces with plumbing, wiring, avionics, orange foam for thermal protection, and four RS-25 main engines left over from the space shuttle program.

There is still some hope EM-1 could be ready sooner.

The SLS core stage will use the thickest structures ever assembled using friction stir welding, a process that uses heat from friction to forge materials together without melting them.

The Boeing contractor team in charge of the SLS core stage manufactured several test articles before pressing on with welding of tanks destined to fly on EM-1.

Those figures are on top of expenditures made by NASA on the Orion capsule, ground equipment and heavy-lift launcher concepts during the Constellation moon program, an initiative dating back to the George W.

Bush administration that was canceled by President Obama in 2010 after cost overruns.

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