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A shoreline riddled with thousands of dead fish, eyes glowing in the pale blue moonlight.Meanwhile, the nearby international-style motel exuded a quiet film-noir air of mystery, its windows and doors boarded up.On the shoreline, a few unrecognizable cars rested up to their doorhandles in the sludgy water.Their bodies covered with a rocky crust, like a once submerged reef poking out of a calm sea.Practically overnight, Southern California had an enormous inland sea.

Agricultural drainage from the new farms in the Imperial Valley to the south kept water flowing into the newly christened Salton Sea.

Mosquitoes run rampant here in the primordial marshlands, quickly attacking any skin left uncovered.

For the past several million years, the lowlands of the Salton Sink had been repeatedly filled by floods whenever the nearby Colorado River jumped its banks.

(CDC) built a canal to siphon water from the Colorado River to irrigate the barren region to the south of the Salton Sink.

That region would eventually become the Imperial Valley.

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