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Then you will have the same level of knowledge as I do about it. ’ You’re basically asking about whether I wear underwear.

It’s when he is randomly mentioned when you hear the Scottish accent that things get awkward. Any joke about Andy Murray only being British when he’s winning and Scottish when he’s losing Bants.

There seems to be a growing problem of people creating CS meetups for the sole purpose of hooking up, maintaining creep-to-female ratios in the ballpark of 9:1. Couchsurfing operates under the pretense that it’s not about a free room — it’s about community.

So when you can’t afford a hostel, don’t play that card.

Some people like putting up tents in your living room. When you sign up for CS, it’s probably in the fine print that you have to be okay with cultural / personal quirks from some of the world’s quirkiest people: travelers.

Just like with freelance job applications, people can tell when you haven’t actually read a single word of their profiles.

Before Brian Smith made his millions, he was struggling to be the guy who stood above the rest. He was barely scraping by, 0K in personal debt, overweight, under slept, and very stressed out. Philosopher Notes Brian Johnson discusses his business course correction, making a big change with your company or life and honoring the people you care about, the difference between quitting and course correcting. Understand what makes a guy a king vs a prince plus how to find the next chapter of your career without losing your ass.

With Marc David of Institute for Psychology of Eating.

Here are a selection of things you could say to a Scottish person in your midst that will run you the risk of earning a Glasgow kiss on the chops. I’ve personally had awful luck trying to couchsurf with only a few days’ notice, and even though that isn’t always the case, people tend to not want to interrupt their lives and offer up their futons on a Tuesday night when you ask around on Tuesday morning while they’re at work.An important part of finding a host / surfer is personality compatibility.Do some research and pick people who actually look interesting to you.Just because someone says they’re interested in hosting you doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

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