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In February, 2013, Louis brings his impish nihilism to Phoenix, Arizona. Every episode is stomach- churning (the moment in episode two, where Marsha-- Jessica Lange's beau-- tells her his wife is waiting at home...then that pause before Jessica Lange lets out a brittle chuckle...shiver me timbers!! It's like I'm flipping over rocks to see the gross, sticky but roiling, thriving stuff underneath. One of the darkest and most interesting things I've watched in a long time, with no pat resolution or happy ending in sight.

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He talks about an old lady and her pet, living in Manhattan, experiencing his body's aging (he's 45), men's ... K.'s Eugene O'Neill-esque dramedic web series about two brothers, introverted Horace and mentally ill Pete, the current owners of their family's Irish bar "Horace and Pete's", and their dysfunctional family and friends. The cast is outstanding, as is the writing-- I cannot stop thinking of writers like Carson Mc Cullers and Flannery O' Connor. I hope that eventually its beauty will break my heart; right now I'm still white-knuckling it.

Britney Spears and her year-long boyfriend David Lucado recently went through a very public breakup after video of Lucado cheating on the singer surfaced.

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