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This scene could have felt quite lonely and sad, but somehow it has a warmness to it.

Because at some point the guy is just laying his hand on Candy’s back, in a kind of sweet, almost insecure way.

In an early rehearsal, he had a little bit of a perked-up position behind her and he was watching her. It is such a private moment, but she is not sharing it out of a motivation for shared intimacy.

The reaching out was also because he really, truly has a romantic interest in her. Candy is the show’s only sex worker who does not work with a pimp, but this one really wants her to join the ranks of his girls.

This is completely raw, you are completely out there.

What was very important was how her date was responding to it.

I didn’t even know that they made adult jeans that size, that an adult man could fit into jeans like these.

’Cause you don’t even see body types like this anymore.

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