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May a state general member retire under the new 21/2% formula in the circumstances described below? 263, §§ 1 through 7, exclude state employees covered under the Public Employees' Retirement Act from the benefits provided by the Volunteer Firefighters Act?

In all cases, the PERA member's termination complies with PERA Rule 700, and the actual retirement date is November 1, 1987, or a subsequent first day of the month. Whether an individual, who was a minor temporarily living outside the State of New Mexico at the time of entry into the armed forces in California, is eligible for a Vietnam Veterans' Scholarship provided for in Article IX, Section 14 of the New Mexico Constitution.

Is it legal for state agencies to engage in collective bargaining with their employees? Is the beef council required to submit an annual operating budget and budget request to the State Budget Division of the Department of Finance and Administration pursuant to sections 6-3-7 and 6-3-19 N. May lodger's tax revenues be used to support a toll-free "800" telephone service maintained by the Red River Chamber of Commerce pursuant to a contract or services agreement with the town of Red River?

Are the Rules for Labor-Management Relations which the State Personnel Board promulgated in the past authorized under New Mexico Law? For purposes of calculating the state's distribution to a school district in accordance with the Public School Capital Improvements Act, does the phrase, "the product obtained by the tax rate imposed in the district," contained in Section 22-25-9 NMSA 1978 refer to the tax rate authorized by Section 22-25-3 NMSA 1978 or the lower rate required by operation of the rate limitation provisions of Section 7-37-7.1 NMSA 1978?

Does Section 18-6-9.1 of the Cultural Properties Act, Sections 18-6-1 through 18-6-17 NMSA (Supp.

1986), enable the state historic preservation officer to participate in the Environmental Improvement Division's deliberation whether to license a private discharge plan when the license would affect a registered cultural property on private land?

Does Chapter 297, Laws of New Mexico 1983, require both the referenced positions and the employees occupying those positions to be exempt?

In other words, does the State of New Mexico have legal authority to make payments to state employees II on account of sickness"?

May incumbent Santa Fe City Council members, unable to receive pay increases voted for new council members but who assume duties and responsibilities not assumed by all members, receive additional compensation for the performance of such duties? Can the Financial Institutions Division issue a trust company certificate to a New Mexico Corporation if all of its common stock is owned by an out-of-state bank holding company? If a trust certificate is issued, can the resulting trust company operate in the main office or branches of banks owned by the holding company?Whether the definition of "licensed premises" contained in NMSA 1978, Subsection 60-3A-3(L) will permit the licensing of two or more totally independent structures under a single liquor license where one of the structures is already licensed as a full service lounge and the licensee proposes to operate a restaurant, also to provide full service liquor sales, in another structure located several hundred yards away from the lounge.Does a county commission or county council have any general superintending authority over other elected county officials? and if they do not, what remedy is available to discipline these officials when they do not perform the duties of the office in an appropriate manner, even in violation of the law? In view of the provisions of section 2-5-1 NMSA Comp.May the Code of Conduct of the State Transportation Authority (the "Authority") make an exception to the Conflict of Interest Act, which would allow members of the Authority to vote on offi-cial matters when such members have a financial interest in abusiness to which the official matter pertains? Whether the Horse Racing Act, Section 60-1-1 to 60-1-23 NMSA (1978), permits the State Racing Commission to approve a licensee's application for a race meet that begins at one of the licensee's facilities and concludes at another of the licensee's facilities? Pena, county treasurer for Mc Kinley County, retire in June, 1988, and resume office as county treasurer without suspension of public employee retirement benefits, if the county commission reappoints Mr.May a person retired under the provisions of the Public Employees' Retirement Act resume employment, without suspension of retirement benefits, with a governmental employer whose employees are, for retirement purposes, covered exclusively under the provisions of the Educational Retirement Act? Pena as county treasurer to serve the remainder of his unexpired term, which ends December 31, 1988?

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