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Some clubs are incredibly luxurious and decadent (Alexis Hotel, Sun City) and other are so trashy you are will feel uncomfortable inside (the Palme d'Or goes to Monggo Mas Club).Overall, you go from surprises to surprises and you never get tired.Many bars in that area are cheap and popular with backpackers / English teachers.In the area, the best places are two rooftop bars called BART and Awan Lounge. I consider that everything North of Monas is North Jakarta (though it does not follow the official city limits).When I can, I always try not to catch a taxi right outside a club, and prefer to walk until a larger road, where i will take a Blue Bird or an Express.I don't think it's so dangerous, but I don't like being in the car of someone I don't trust.I rarely party in this area and I don't really like it except if I'm really drunk.

They will try to get money from you one way or another, asking you the more often for parking money (they make sure nothing happens to your car while you park) and taxi money (they stop the taxi for you. Avoid that by walking away a few 100 meters, otherwise pay something like rp2000).What we usually do is to start partying in the south, and then head up-north, so that the more drunk we are, the wilder the party gets.Clubs in Kota also close later so it's good to know if you still feel like partying at 5am.In the north, you also have to be very careful with taxis.You will discover many taxis' names you had never heard before, and most of them try to copy the appearance of the trusted Blue Bird or Express.

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